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Light Seekers

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You are the power, you are the light keeper!

There was a time when I thought that the galactic world was just someone exacuate   and put fear into us.  OMG!! I have realized that is the complete opposite.  My recent experiences with the galactic family (my words) has recently been so profound, I am being woken up at night, my alarm went off at 333 in the morning, for no reason and left me curious as to why? I never set the alarm for that time?  Angels appearing in my dreams, meditations and while walking.  Jesus and Buddha are also coming throught and bringing in the light to anyone who is open to receive it. 

I have had many channeled messages from Buddha, his messages giving confirmation and clarity to the work that I do.  Light keepers of the world its your time to share those unique skills you felt you needed to hide away.  Its your time to shine.  There are hundreds of thousands of lightkeepers/lightworkers on the planet at the moment, bringing in the light consciousness to all of us and the planet. 

If you are having dreams, waking up the early hours of the morning, feeling lethargic or having flue type symptoms, nausa, tiredness etc then you are receiving DNA upgrades or light codes, which simple means you are aware that your thoughts control your body, mind and connection to spirit/soul.

At these times, you meditate more because of the way it makes you feel and your new understanding is your intuition telling you how amazing you are and how your thoughts create your reality and your imagination is so powerful that what you think about you bring about.  This new found wisdom comes from you higher self/divine source.  Its your connection to the universal energies that are above us and around us.  You now know you are the universe and what you speak about you bring about.  This is so powerful we need to be conscious of what we are speaking about in every one moment as what conversation we have with someone can create that, even conversations we have with our self is so powerful. 

It time to align and step up, this is your call to action, your time to shine, your ability to connect with your higher power.  You are Amazing!! It’s time to put love over hate, light over dark, peace over fear, this is a collective consciousness shift into the new world.  For those who have been aware of their emotions and processing information will have a much easier time.  You are the new leaders, the new managers, the new entrepreneurs, the new business owners the new leaders of consciousness evolving on earth.  This is beneficial for all of humanity, purge and push away what doesn’t serve your higher good and rise to the calling of action. Connect with the angelic realm for assistance if you are struggling, call in spiritual support and anyone from the Galactic Family Circle.

If you would like to connect with me, my online intuitive energy healings are having profound experiences, with ascendant masters joining.

Please connect with me is you would like to hear more.  Click on the link in IG bio.

Much love and gratitude

Kerry x

My Near-Death Experience & Seeing The Light

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It’s a December to remember, Can you believe that we’re in December already? I was reminded to write this blog at around 5.30 am this morning when I awakened to the sound of rain pounding on the roof of my villa in Bali. What’s interesting is this rain is uncommon for this time of year and I see it as the weather patterns changing again as we transcend into the new world being more aware and awakened to who we are and what we see as important.

What’s exciting is 21st December 2020 there is a collective consciousness coming together to bring more light and healing to the planet. How this is done is easy, just by thought alone on this day we can imagine a beautiful pillar of light of starlight filtering down on the planet, transmitting into every being. Imagine those being happy, playful, and joyful at this moment as you send that same light to Mother Earth. It’s very simple!
Another exciting thing is Christmas, YAY! It’s on a FRI YAY!! I’m starting to plan my day with friends here in Bali as many of us will not be returning home or seeing our families.
I feel a little emotional and teary writing now. I am also very grateful to be surrounded by such love and kindness here in Bali.
Many people are from around the world and I have formed a real heart connection with them while in lockdown.
I never realized how caught up I was in my work life, busy with my energy healing work. Life seems much simpler now. I guess I could say there are many positives in the covid19 we can draw on.
I don’t know what simple means for you? For me, it just means I do things differently and don’t rush like I used to. Do you ever wonder why we rush so much or strive to meet the deadlines of others.? I have found that I was living on adrenaline most of the time and if you haven’t read or heard about the “stress hormone” activation or fight or flight then hopefully this will help you seen things from a different perspective. Believe me, this blew me away. To put it simply we have been brought up to live in fear, fear activates the stress hormone and comprises our nervous system, then our immune system is compromised and we get sick. MMM, does that get you thinking about what’s just happened in this past year. ?
As most of you know I am a meditation teacher and when this information was delivered to me, it was a gamechanger in the way I teach. To keep it simple, we are either is stress {fear} or we are in our heart. Once we come from the mind {fear} and the other comes from love {heart}. I say pick one, which one would you rather be. I always choose love and when I’m not in love essence I know there is something I need to work on. I am telling you this because it’s an important part of the new world we are stepping into. When our heart is activated our intuition is heightened and we can channel the information we require that leads us to our higher purpose and gives us confirmation about why we are here.
As most of you know, last month I finally launched my online courses, meditations, and videos. It’s been a lot of fun and some tears along the way.
I am loving the spiritual talks I do on 1Million Meditators every Saturday, after the global meditation.
One question I was asked sticks in my mind :
What does it feel like to die and is it painful?
I love questions like this one because it takes me back to the feelings of dying and how transcending {what I call it} was such a beautiful experience and I am so grateful that I am here to share it.
From my experience, I believe that we each have a journey in this life, and when it’s our time, we transcend in a way that is right for us at that moment. I have listened to many people who have crossed over and returned. What’s interesting is their experiences are all very similar to mine, however, in different ways. So mine was with an experience of anaphylactic and being pulled out of my body, leaving me floating on the ceiling looking down at Drs and nurses trying to keep me alive. I also like listening to Anita Moorjani and her NDE with cancer and death.

If you haven’t already listened to her you tubes or attended one of her workshops she is a must-do!
Like many, my experience was blissful, once I surrendered to the pain. The transition lasted a few minutes, however, there is no time, so it’s a hard one for me to answer when I am asked. As I floated outside my body, I could feel the feeling of letting go as I passed through, what I can only describe as lightness, bliss, euphoria, and ecstasy. All of that and more as I went into the light. Consciously I knew what was happening and that I was dying, I know I had to surrender so that the pain would leave, and once I did this I was in bliss. I became one with the light. At this point, there was no fear, no pain, no judgment, now time, no hate, etc, it just didn’t exist in the spirit world I had just entered. I was in heaven. I was one with the light and I was consciousness.
I often hear my stories from people whose loved ones have crossed over and how they have concerns about them and are they ok where they are. I can assure you from not only my experience but many others we are connected to something so powerful, whether you want to call it spirit, quantum field, universe god, or whatever it doesn’t really matter, from my experience our soul/spirit is pure and light, with love and joy that is like ecstasy. This is why I believe my Sacred Heart Meditations have become so popular because I use this same experience to guide people into their souls. What a gift I was left with after my NDE.
I believe we are born with purity and love, and then we live in fear and emotional pain/suffering for most of our lives, never really connecting with our soul/spirit journey, and then we return to our truth when we cross over.
We must learn to meditate into this consciousness that we are connected to so that we do not fear death or death of others. If you don’t resonate with you then I am so sorry, it’s just I am so passionate, I want everyone to know and understand their uniqueness and internal power.
I think once we understand this it helps with the grieving process. It’s much better to know our loved ones are in a beautiful place of serenity than anything else. We all have a beautiful soul that connects with our hearts.
Often in my workshops, I come across people who

Evolving Into a New Way of Being

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Hello to all you wonderful beings of light,

If your reading this, then you will intuitively know that you were meant to read this blog.

I hope these times are now starting to give insight and knowing that we are evolving into a new way of being.  What that means is our intuition is heightened, our psychic abilities are much greater than before and we now understand how energy {which is what we are} works and how consciously we get to create, manifest, tune into whatever our heart desires.

With the 11:11 portal being much greater and higher frequency that before, our angel’s guides, spirit guides and galactic family have made contact.  As we call upon our higher power, we are met with unity, guidance, freewill and manifestation of a much better, peaceful and care free world.  This is because we now have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of how the energetic field {quantum field} works.  As we are guided, upgraded and our blue prints, paradigms and cellular memory is being transmuted as we ascend into this new way of life.  We will not return the old.  It’s a powerful and great time to be here and have the experience of high intensity, connecting with Cosmic Consciousness and keepers of light.

On 21st December 2020, 21.12.2020 there will be the final activation, a massive healing on a planetary and global level as many have dissolved the shadow and understand we are co creating a new earth, and humanity is never alone in this universe. 

Also, Uluru Australia will be doing a major activation which includes releasing and bringing to the surface a crystal grid which was placed inside by the phlaedians (galactic family) a few years ago.

1Million Meditators will also be doing global meditations on the 26th, 27th and 28th December 2020 to assist and keep momentum going.  Our new world is here and we will not return to the old way.!

Like me, if you have had experiences, with spirit world, galactic family or spirit guides you know that this is a call to action and there is not going back to the shadow.  Please invite all of your light and light connections on this day to create a massive planetary healing for those who still carry the shadow. 

These waves of light are like initiations of Cosmic Energies, I like to call a collective consciousness of those helping us evolve.

At this time, powerful energies or transitions of energy of light or light codes are being received on the planet in a form of light to activate the New Earth.  It comes in a series of energetic signals or waves.  If you have felt your energy being depleted or lethargy or even nausea you are experiencing this shift in consciousness so that more light can be received.

I had a client though the week who was receiving from Angels and had his first higher self-connection.  He also received an older version of me, dressed in white and guiding him to the light.  This is because I trust and have faith that what I am receiving is real and we are meant to transform from the past, into love and light.

The Sacredness of or heart is now more dominant as we understand our heart has its own intelligence, nervous system, inner guidance, wisdom and knowledge.

11:11 is not only one of my favorite numbers to see, it the Pleiadeans at work actively assisting us to activate the Angelic energies and embody them.  Our spirit/soul is divine love.  The Pleiadeans will guide us to and through the light codes into a powerful transmission of angelic frequencies of light and love.

The new way on Earth is already here, if we resist this new way, we may cause inner suffering.  Trust, have faith and allow yourself to embody these waves of energetic upgrades and receive them with grace.

The Angelic Beings… the Elohim and Seraphim… will continue to Empower transmissions of the Angelic Frequencies of Light and Color to support these Initiations and the Great Awakening process in general.  For all of us our DNA/blueprints have now being changed.  The new, more natural Earth is here for all of us to come into joy, feel happier and come together as one.  This sacredness is love for self, love for others and love for the planet.

I still remember when I learnt that I needed to make space to allow the new to come and receive it with an open heart. I share more on this in my podcasts, one on ones and meditations.

Much love and gratitude to all.

Have a wonderful journey.

Kerry xx

New Spiritual Growth

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To all you beautiful souls who are practising spiritual growth and wellbeing,

It is not easy sometimes as we step into this new way of being, but I want you to know, every 2 steps you take forward you will take one back. This is because you are not only growing on a spiritual level, you are reprogramming your mind and body to accept and believe in the new you. Yes! The new person you are becoming has more spiritual depth, more intuitive and is opening up to an even greater psychic ability that you’re never new possible. I tell all my clients to “keep going” you are the Master and step into your power. We were not taught this as children, we were not taught to use our intuition or psychic abilities, although we were born with them heightened. We were taught the opposite, to listen to what the mind says (unconscious and subconscious programming) that does not serve us or our wellbeing. Our true being is to be-in the moment. When I first learn this, it took me a little time to figure out how to maintain on a level where I was in control and not my mind and body. To be truthful, it hasn’t been easy, navigating the spiritual sense of self. It can be frustrating, annoying and sometimes emotionally draining, to where giving up seems to be better than doing spiritual practice. Believe me, once you work out the formula you will become so excited and happy that you will not even contemplate, not doing daily spiritual practice.

I have found, when we pay attention, focus on our heart and emotions our heartbeat becomes like a vibrational amplifier. Increasing and synchronizing me, heart and brain, creating coherence, not only in the physical body, organs, but also our energetic magnetic field surrounding our body (Aura) expands, lifting us into higher consciousness and wellbeing.

Sitting just behind our breastbone sits a little gland called the “thymus gland”, which has a very close and intimate connection with the heart centre. The heart chakra and physical heart and deeply connected through energies, physical and non-physical. The thymus gland is a main organ of the immune system and is a vital role in promoting the T Cell which system defends the body against bacteria and viruses. The thymus gland shrinks with long term stress and negativity, which means the auric field of energy around our body shrinks. Our hearts have a mind-brain of their own with over 40K sensory neurites, the same as the brain. Our hearts also have their own nervous system that functions independently for the brain. It’s called the intrinsic cardiac nervous system. The heartbeats to the rhythm of love. Love is a higher vibrational word, feeling and sensation that creates a healthier, happier way of being.

As I mentioned, it takes practice, understanding and knowledge to understand that we are connected to something so powerful, our hearts, that when we learn how to navigate, tune in and use daily spiritual practice we can become so powerful to create an abundant life, giving us everything we need and want.

I have found, spending just 5 to 10 minutes daily works much better than trying to find 30 minutes to 1 hour. The key is to practice, practice, practice, so the life, the subconscious takes on new programming and resets the old paradigms which have been planted inside our minds and we believe this to be true.

As my spiritual practise increases and the insight comes through, I will keep sharing with you all. I believe if I can create a better world for others than my world will also become better because we are all connected. My new podcasts, sacred heart meditations and newsletters are for you to formulate spiritual self-practice. Be kind to yourself every step of the way and know that your heart is your connection to your inner spirit, soul and quantum field of energy, also known as the universe, god, supreme, life force all of which mean the same thing.

Have a beautiful day and please reach out to me if I can be of service.

Much love and gratitude.

Kerry xx  

How can I be the best I can be today

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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are hanging in there, riding out the waves of ascension and that you do your best self every day. Yes, that’s right! Do your best self every day, without fail. Say to yourself “How can I be the best I can be today”. I find doing this first thing in the morning is best before the mind has an opportunity to come in and tell another story or take you on another path. Doing this every day not only sets you up for a brighter lighter day is overrides our subconscious mind and creates a new neural pathway in the brain. Yes, another “that’s right”. If you are not doing your spiritual practise every day by listening to what your mind is doing and changing it to another way of being you will take on what the mind is telling you and it will create another path than the one you want for yourself. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Who doesn’t want to create a life of abundance?

I write this because I wanted to share with you my recent experience which lasted almost 4 days. I felt myself slipping into a downhill spiral, into the arms of FEAR! As the arms of fear held my hand and pulled me close to its unseen low vibrational energy I noticed, how tired I was feeling, how my thoughts just wouldn’t stop and how I attracted way too much low vibrational energy from others. I am sure if you are reading this blog you have been there. It took all my inner strength to say No to certain people {healthy boundaries}, let go of outcomes and surrender to myself by going deep into my heart. At that moment, I felt truth and clarity, I was no longer in the arms of FEAR, I was back in the arms of my higher self, my self-worth returned, my inner guidance was loud and clear, with my intuition guiding me on the path of prosperity, abundance and health. It takes spiritual discipline to keep us intact and on track. I let my meditation practice go for a few days, without even realizing it! This will never happen again, even if its 5 minutes, 3 times per day, I am committed to my highest self, my inner spirit and soul. Do you ever find yourself slipping into these types of cycles? It took me many years to learn this practice and discipline myself, spiritually, to let go of others agendas, outcomes and desires to focus on my own sense of self and inner world. We are all responsible for our own outcomes.

I now realize I am ok with this new life, I feel at home more than I ever did, when I allow myself space and time to breathe, meditate and come into my heart, my soul and my highest self step forward. I understand that when this happens, I am at my best, the best being, the best natural me, it’s so awesome!

Here are some questions Id like to share with you that has helped me stay on my spiritual path. I ask these to my inner self

  1. Are you listening to your inner wisdom/higher self or?
  2. Are you ready to give things up that no longer serve your higher self?
  3. Are you ready to keep listening to your inner guidance and leap into faith?
  4. Are you home or are you still living in the illusion of someone else and their ideals of how you should be?

As we release Fear and distorted energy we enter a more harmonious, more conscious and more 5th Dimensional, no separation into oneness. When our frequency rises to love, peace and harmony we are free to embrace our divine bliss. Giving blessings of gratitude and sending love and light to those who are need will also raise our frequency into the divine starlight.

We are taken by the light once we surrender to its beautiful magnificence and joy allowing your true guidance to take you there. Give up the FEAR and MIND Plays, you will not win. Love is unconditional and when we love ourselves unconditionally our outer world becomes that also. We are changing from the inside out and letting go of FEAR and bring in more love to the inner world of self will open your heart to bring more balance to your physical and spiritual characteristics to self. 

As we shift into the new paradigm, the new Golden Age, the Ages of Aquarius we feel the powerful pull of cosmic energies, increasing high vibe light is now streaming into the earth which is why the FEAR presented itself to me. I believe it was here to show me and teach me how to gauge, use my inner guidance {IGS} as a thermometer of truth and non-truth, fear and love!

It’s important for all of us to manage this new light being transmitted and hold tight in its power so it can integrate into the body, layer by layer, tissue by tissue, cell by cell. Eating light foods which are grown from Mother Earth is also good, daily sacred heart meditation and crystals can also channel more light through our beings. This is so powerful, like a grand conscious shift and awakening. Powerful cosmic energies of high frequencies are having a huge impact causing ascension symptoms which may feel a little uneasy, fearful and shaky. These feelings are normal, what I have learnt is to keep moving into love and light. 

Take good care of your whole being right now, it’s so important, be around people who inspire you and want to uplift you. You are not alone, remember what you put out you will get back and receive, believe and receive love and light from others. Embrace the divine juices. Keep spreading your inner light and develop your inner strength, resist everything in these times, from human consciousness, actions, egos and fears.

Sending you all much love and light!

Shine you light bright!

Much love and gratitude

Kerry x

Bringing in the Light Consciousness

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I write this blog with my heart on my sleeve, in hope that more and more people start to connect with
their inner power – higher self/consciousness. I am always blessed with feeling the presence of angels,
guides, and galactic family. I am here to spread a very important message to all those I connect with,
online and in person. Try not to get caught up in all the media hype and mainstream TV as it lowers our
vibration. Its time for all of us to step up and take action, using our higher power, our energetic
intelligence, our spiritual mastery. How do you step into yours? We are energy being and energy is
moving 100s of times a second, which simply means energy in energy out and everything is energy
including Media sites. What energy you take on is your responsibility and I think by now you have
worked out which energy you would prefer to be in. I know I do! I vibe with my tribe and if I don’t, I
know I need to clear my energy field.

Awareness is a number 1 key to consciousness and when we realize this we awaken. I remember when I
felt the awakening of love and light. What I mean is when I had my NDE I was taken to other
dimensions; I was engulfed with the presence of light which was penetrating so much love I didn’t want
to leave or return.

This light comes from the Galaxy family of Galactic Federation, Commander Ashtar is a multidimensional
being who sends love and light to promote truth, peace and harmony between planets. He appears in
human form so he can communicate at a heart level with all of us on Earth. Just like angels, he can only
come if he is called. His presence is pure and his congregations of light beings bring in healing to the
world. Together, they want to bring in positivity, healing and inspiration to those around them and
those who call upon them. He uplifts the hearts of leaders and inspires them to walk a path of truth.

I love writing about him and as I write my heart is warm. I can feel tingles flowing through my body,
combined with the feeling of warmth and my heart is full. I am now channelling through divine love! I
know this was a call to action, to write and to speak about the Galaxy Family. I know they are here
because of my recent upgrades and messages received. Being woken up at 3.30 am one morning and
given the message to step aside from my FEAR, the Galaxy Family are taking care of the darkness that is
circulating around our planet. Keep shining your light and teach others they said. Not only did I feel
relieved, I felt held and comforted as I fell back to sleep. I woke up feeling light and peaceful knowing
this experience was real. Tell others they said, “tell them to connect with us” in dreams, in meditation,
in spirit. They cannot join us unless they are called up. They need many of us to call them in, call on
their higher consciousness galactic realm. They also work with the angelic realm to help us raise our
frequency. Call upon them, ask that they join us here to help us raise into consciousness and love.
Its time for all of us to expand our crown chakra, through faith, trust and enlightenment by going into
our inner world, identifying our limited beliefs and changing them, so that we can exit old ways of being.
You all have a beautiful heart and your heart can heal others, it can also bring in the light to the planet,
people, and things at will. We are all conscious and have this inner power we can tune into. Let shine
together and bring in more love and light to help the planet rise.

When doing virtual spiritual counselling, many people see the light consciousness, I believe the healing music I am guided to use and the heart chakra opening is the key. Once these vibrational frequencies align we step into the higher dimensions and they step into us. This is how we become light and love.
Much love and gratitude to you all. Please go to my website for podcasts, meditations and courses.

Kerry xx

Love Yourself First

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It took me many years to realise I wasn’t loving myself. I was taught that loving yourself is to look good,
take care of your hair, your body, your nails and always be polite no matter what! Boy was I misled. It’s
taken me most of my life, lots of research, reading many books, attending courses and lectures,
speaking events and so on and on to realise we are love. It doesn’t matter is my hair is the wrong colour
for some, or what I wear is not suited to some ideals or the size of my body doesn’t fit in what other
perceive to be an ideal weight. What matters is I AM happy inside and out. Its taken me a long time to
come to this way of thinking, feeling and creating from a place of love. I still remember being called
skinny, freckled-faced and ugly. I was too young and understand that the people who were saying these
works were the ones suffering and coming from a place deep unhappiness.

I now have new perception, perspective and have changed many behaviours to be good to myself and
realise I am worthy, I am enough just as I am.

This whole Corona Virus has allowed me the time to reflect, replenish and rethink many things about
others, our world and how we have been told many things over the year which may not be true.
We are in the world of change and if we are to fit comfortably in this new world we must love ourselves
so deeply the light within us sparkles so brightly, others will want to join with this light and sparkle too.
We are not what we have been told we are, we are spiritual beings who have a deep connection with a
the higher intelligence that I will call the quantum field and in this field, many celestial, ascendant masters
and spiritual beings live in their energetic bodies and are here to teach us self love and raise the
the vibration of the planetary frequencies.

When we come from a place of love, we are feeding our soul fuel and nourishment. This is our new
realization as we step into the new world. Some of us are already aware of this and are taking action by
being more present with their feelings and making changes to stress less and be guided by inner peace.
I always say to myself “does this make me feel peace full or does it make me feel anxious” the answer
soon comes when intuition kicks in and you just know what is right and what is wrong!

Self-love is knowing its good to be good to yourself, no matter what! Even if someone is not good for
you. When we connect with our heart our self-worth elevates and we become aware that our heart is
what matters. When self-love is activated, we are able to not just honour and love you, you honour and
love those around you. By saying to ourselves every day, “What is my next step” or “ How can I be the
best of myself today” pretty soon you will just know what the next steps are for loving you. In self-love,
we view others differently and see them in a new light. For example, when I am not in my place of love I
can hold anger and resentment towards another, if this happened I know I am not at my best potential
and I can do things to realign and balance. In self-love, we can use our inner power to feel into what’s not
good for us and set healthy boundaries, all from a place of a loving heart.

When I am in a place of self-love I know I do not need the permission of others to thrive. I understand that
to align with a divine heart and in the true essence of a happy, inspiring, confident and loving place I must
make time for me every day to realign, reassess and repeat.

It’s also important to connect with your spiritual tribe. I do at least once per week. They are the people I
have fun with, eat with, laugh with, dance with and do many uplifting things with. They are the people I
know want me to succeed and flourish. I also have mentors, they come in many forms, meditations,
books, podcasts, people who understand and share their experience to uplift humanity and the planet.
Love yourself more as you are not worth less than that. Breath in love to self and exhale love to others.
Mother nature gave this to us and we can gauge if we are giving too much or taking to much this is
balance, the truth of nature.

When we say I love you to ourselves we send messages of light to our cells, our heart and connect to our
spirit and we can heal not only ourselves but the planet. We vibrate a frequency that is picked up and
channelled from quantum field.
Id like to share with you what I do when I feel I am out of love with myself.

When doing virtual spiritual counselling, many people see the light consciousness, I believe the healing music I am guided to use and the heart chakra opening is the key. Once these vibrational frequencies align we step into the higher dimensions and they step into us. This is how we become light and love.

  1. Swim or take a warm bubble bath
  2. Walk in nature
  3. Go to the gym
  4. Do yoga or some form of physical exercise
  5. List to a guided meditation or silently meditate sitting up
  6. Be around happy, respectful, caring people
  7. Have a nap/sleep
    Love yourself to the moon and back.
    Sending you all much love and gratitude

Kerry xx

We All Have a Story

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Our stories are many and our behaviours are part of our story because they come from old paradigms or beliefs which are placed there, like seeds, into our subconscious. Past hurts, traumas, mistakes are all part or have been part of bringing us to where we are today. Some people get stuck in their story, putting their conscious energy into telling it over and over. It then becomes who they are and defines them as angry, selfish and miserable.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Healer and past Social Worker/Counselor, I have heard many sad and tragic stories from the clients. It always a similar story of childhood trauma, emotional distress, suffering from ex-partners, lovers, parents, family, friends, workplace colleagues and past events that sometimes leave others unable to shift or move forward. Using my intuitive and psychic gifts to channel supreme creator, ascendant masters and Galactic beings helps lifts these trauma’s for many, to change deep embodied beliefs, patterns and paradigms. The techniques I use are very empowering and lift the burdens of past emotional pain, leaving revitalized well-being. Some cases, the story is so strong it takes 2 or 3 sessions for the process, but most cases 1 – 2 sessions is all that is needed to lift the past emotional trauma. I believe the reason for this is the person is unable to let go with an open heart as they are stuck in their subconscious/belief system. This also affects the nervous system which is why so many have anxiety or depression and sometimes both.

In the session I do, it’s important for me to focus on finding the emotional pain and feelings that are within the person so that they can let go, easily, to the past paradigm/pattern. Sometimes hearing stories are heavy on the heart and can cover up the causes of the past because the emotional trauma is so embodied and deep. My focus has always been to empower and have the person gain their inner power so that they are no longer feeling heavy or weighed down by the past.

We are each here for a reason and life happens for us and not to us. Each and every one of us has an inner power that we can tap into, align with and tune into it. We can all manifest whatever we wish and desire and create or co-create whatever we dream of. By changing the way we think, will change the way we feel, then embody a new emotional change, leaving us to make future decisions that beneficial for our wellness and well-being. When we think, we become and all thoughts create our reality, so getting creative with our thoughts, creates our reality. This is how we manifest, whatever we wish for or want. When we step away from the old story/belief/paradigm we see things more clearly, without being immersed in the past. This is disempowering and creates negative thoughts which take us away from who we are and what we are here to do. When we open the door of the subconscious, consciousness steps in and overrides the past, creating the new way.

Much love and gratitude to you all

Kerry xxx