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It took me many years to realise I wasn’t loving myself. I was taught that loving yourself is to look good,
take care of your hair, your body, your nails and always be polite no matter what! Boy was I misled. It’s
taken me most of my life, lots of research, reading many books, attending courses and lectures,
speaking events and so on and on to realise we are love. It doesn’t matter is my hair is the wrong colour
for some, or what I wear is not suited to some ideals or the size of my body doesn’t fit in what other
perceive to be an ideal weight. What matters is I AM happy inside and out. Its taken me a long time to
come to this way of thinking, feeling and creating from a place of love. I still remember being called
skinny, freckled-faced and ugly. I was too young and understand that the people who were saying these
works were the ones suffering and coming from a place deep unhappiness.

I now have new perception, perspective and have changed many behaviours to be good to myself and
realise I am worthy, I am enough just as I am.

This whole Corona Virus has allowed me the time to reflect, replenish and rethink many things about
others, our world and how we have been told many things over the year which may not be true.
We are in the world of change and if we are to fit comfortably in this new world we must love ourselves
so deeply the light within us sparkles so brightly, others will want to join with this light and sparkle too.
We are not what we have been told we are, we are spiritual beings who have a deep connection with a
the higher intelligence that I will call the quantum field and in this field, many celestial, ascendant masters
and spiritual beings live in their energetic bodies and are here to teach us self love and raise the
the vibration of the planetary frequencies.

When we come from a place of love, we are feeding our soul fuel and nourishment. This is our new
realization as we step into the new world. Some of us are already aware of this and are taking action by
being more present with their feelings and making changes to stress less and be guided by inner peace.
I always say to myself “does this make me feel peace full or does it make me feel anxious” the answer
soon comes when intuition kicks in and you just know what is right and what is wrong!

Self-love is knowing its good to be good to yourself, no matter what! Even if someone is not good for
you. When we connect with our heart our self-worth elevates and we become aware that our heart is
what matters. When self-love is activated, we are able to not just honour and love you, you honour and
love those around you. By saying to ourselves every day, “What is my next step” or “ How can I be the
best of myself today” pretty soon you will just know what the next steps are for loving you. In self-love,
we view others differently and see them in a new light. For example, when I am not in my place of love I
can hold anger and resentment towards another, if this happened I know I am not at my best potential
and I can do things to realign and balance. In self-love, we can use our inner power to feel into what’s not
good for us and set healthy boundaries, all from a place of a loving heart.

When I am in a place of self-love I know I do not need the permission of others to thrive. I understand that
to align with a divine heart and in the true essence of a happy, inspiring, confident and loving place I must
make time for me every day to realign, reassess and repeat.

It’s also important to connect with your spiritual tribe. I do at least once per week. They are the people I
have fun with, eat with, laugh with, dance with and do many uplifting things with. They are the people I
know want me to succeed and flourish. I also have mentors, they come in many forms, meditations,
books, podcasts, people who understand and share their experience to uplift humanity and the planet.
Love yourself more as you are not worth less than that. Breath in love to self and exhale love to others.
Mother nature gave this to us and we can gauge if we are giving too much or taking to much this is
balance, the truth of nature.

When we say I love you to ourselves we send messages of light to our cells, our heart and connect to our
spirit and we can heal not only ourselves but the planet. We vibrate a frequency that is picked up and
channelled from quantum field.
Id like to share with you what I do when I feel I am out of love with myself.

When doing virtual spiritual counselling, many people see the light consciousness, I believe the healing music I am guided to use and the heart chakra opening is the key. Once these vibrational frequencies align we step into the higher dimensions and they step into us. This is how we become light and love.

  1. Swim or take a warm bubble bath
  2. Walk in nature
  3. Go to the gym
  4. Do yoga or some form of physical exercise
  5. List to a guided meditation or silently meditate sitting up
  6. Be around happy, respectful, caring people
  7. Have a nap/sleep
    Love yourself to the moon and back.
    Sending you all much love and gratitude

Kerry xx

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