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1-on-1 Healing Sessions


These 1-on-1 intuitive energy healing sessions help you release the emotional pain of the past and the blocks which are hindering you from being freely, fully, authentically you and living your unique life purpose.

There are different types of therapy that could be beneficial for addressing emotional childhood trauma, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), experiencing relief through movement and somatics. These approaches aim to help you understand and change negative thought patterns, process traumatic memories, and release stored tension in the body.

It’s crucial to find a therapist who specializes in trauma and has experience working with individuals who have experienced childhood trauma. You can start by reaching out to mental health professionals in your area or searching online directories. A reputable therapist will create a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship to guide you on your healing journey.

Remember that healing can take time, and everyone’s process is unique. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you navigate this journey. You deserve to heal and find peace in your life.

Everyone of us has a beautiful soul, and once we connect with it, we understand our true nature of being.

We were all born with unconditional love. As children we would play in our joy and fun, we didn’t judge or hold fear, but it disappeared because we were programmed and our belief system told us something different, in different ways, not to love the self.

Through our conditioning, we developed blocks in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. These blocks can be related to traumas, childhood wounds, past lives, and old paradigm belief systems we’ve taken on, and over time, they warp our experience of love and diminished our connection to the light.

To move forward, we need to create space within for something new to transpire.

These sessions help you heal your past so you can live a more joyful life. Unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression and grief are all cries from the soul looking for a remedy and solace. Learn how to build self-love, eradicate negative behaviours, and find a path to spiritual awakening.

How these sessions work

These energy healing sessions re-awaken the light within, which resets the DNA of trillions of cells. Imagine each cell holding an intelligence, and this intelligence, when attuned, can change the way we think, feel, and act, and allow us to experience a more peaceful, relaxed and happier way of being.

These sessions provide a fast reset of mind and body by connecting the energetic body so that the wisdom and knowledge (light intelligence) can move through the internal body, resetting and transmuting any past, stress, anger, fear, anxiety and emotional wounds that are not of service to you.

The light carries encoded intelligence that works with the spirit/soul to guide you to purpose in life, and connecting with higher self. Light codes hold an intelligent language and vibrational frequency that contain blue prints of the souls journey. Through sound medicine, color, ascended masters and guides, you will take a journey through a frequency, tones, channeling, and divinely guided into a state of bliss, allowing the genetic blue print, creating light consciousness.

What to expect

Each session starts with a brief conversation as I begin to tune into the channeling process and receive guidance to assist with the healing and light code activation. Then, depending on what’s needed, we’ll use a combination of golden gems (tools) from my spiritual treasure chest allowing the session to unfold.

Some of the golden gems (tools) include:

  • Reiki – to take us into a place of connection with cosmic consciousness and bring through the wisdom and knowledge of our individual life purpose
  • Sound healing medicine, with a focus on talking guidance
  • Channeling guides – Ascended Masters, Archangels, and multidimensional beings bringing in light codes
  • Sacred Geometry – using these sacred shapes that create energy patterns and unifies all things and forms the natural patterning to organise itself which we are connected to.
  • Chakra opening and opening our auric field bringing it the sacred earth star and soul star chakra.
  • Angel therapy, which is received through a process of heart opening and spiritual connection, guided meditation and breathwork
  • Heart attunement therapy
  • Intuitive connection techniques

When the session completes, I’ll give you gems you can add to your spiritual treasure chest – simple practices you can incorporate into your daily life to help you integrate the new energies we’ve unlocked.

Dear Kerry,

Meeting you has been a great experience for me. I came to India looking for Ayurvedic knowledge and found…… an experience beyond my expectations. As I told you I am a very mind focused person and meeting you has been a great gift for me: you have really helped me to open my heart, my chakra heart, and link it with the rest of my body, mind, and soul. Thank you so much for the healing session… great chance to find the love inside me and spread it around the world and the universe. And I thank you for the kind and valuable task you are spreading around the World. The World needs more people like you, flowering and loving endless and helping other people to heal or find their own path in life. With all my love Jorge, x.


I had an amazing healing experience with Kerry this morning, you opened up my heart and my soul. During your healing, I felt something I cannot describe. For the last year, my brain was totally blocked until now, right now after the healing my brain is totally free. Kerry opened up space and I am now flowing, my life starts to flow again, like a River which goes deep into the sea. thank you so much.



Dear Kerry,

I’ll thank you for one of the most empowering experiences in my life. You found my heart and my soul, you helped me to find inner voice and love.


Hello everyone! Kerry has such a beautiful heart and soul. My healing with her was so profound and helped me to release a lot of negative energy built up in my body. She is empowered to look into my own chakras and one by one work through the emotions that resided there. Without her guidance and healing energy, I never would have discovered what my body was storing. Thank you, Kerry.


Gold Coast Australia

I had never had any spiritual healing practiced on me so didn’t know what to expect. However, after Kerry completed a crystal healing session with me it is evident she is able to clear any chakra blockages and tap into negative emotions I was holding onto. I came away feeling lighter, happier, and more mentally prepared for life’s next adventures. I would recommend this for anyone stress/anxiety, or is curious to discover one’s spiritual self ? xx


Frequently asked questions


1-on-1 sessions help break down any stale stagnant energy that may be hindering your healing and spiritual awakening process.

They are particularly beneficial for people who feel disconnected from themselves and their true, unique, innocent nature; people who often experience sadness, loneliness, and perhaps depression; and those who are working with anxiety and healing past traumas.

They are also very powerful for anyone who wishes to become more enlightened, receive spiritual wisdom, and transform.


These sessions help you heal and live a more joyful life. You learn how to build self love, eradicate negative behaviours, and find a path to spiritual awakening making it easier to connect with your inner peace, higher self, and intuition so you can actively be spirit of the light at a soul heart level.


The light is an intelligence that helps reveal and heal hidden emotional trauma. This process brings in the light which activates the essence of who you truly are and empowers you to do your own inner healing.

The intelligence of light holds wisdom, knowledge and can reprogram old programming, the light is a form of intelligence that helps with the long buried emotional memories, bringing them to the surface and dissolving past wounds which no longer serve the higher self. It’s our higher intelligence, or our higher self that we intuitively tap into and kick starts our inner guidance system (IGS). (It’s sometimes referred to as the universe, higher consciousness, God, Spirit, Source, the Quantum Field.) It’s an intelligence that when we tune into it, we have a visceral experience—we feel Light in our body, and we experience a pure knowing through the heart. Something inside of us shifts, energetically, and it’s so powerful that the blocks we’ve been struggling with begin to naturally release.


The Light is unconditionally loving for self, others and the planet. When we connect with it and allow it in, we experience its unconditional love within our being. Memories, traumas, beliefs, etc. are met with the pure love of the light, and we instantly see them in a new way – an effortlessly loving and compassionate way – and as a result, we naturally let go of our resistance, and we let go of the pain. Where once there was a block, now there is love and understanding and space, where pure light can now shine through. This is so powerful we can change our DNA and reprogram the old and ancestral memories that have been put upon us over many lifetimes.


The more we connect with the light, the more we release, and the more we expand.


While every experience is unique, typically after a session people feel lighter, happier, more at peace within themselves, and more connected and aligned with who they truly are.


Bring your heart on your sleeve or opened with the intent of receiving from the universal energetic guidance which allows the openness of your uniqueness to shine through.


If you have or suffer from anxiety/depression in the past, you may not feel the strong divine energies at first, but I encourage all those who participate to keep going. Moving through the discomfort is part of the process to bring in more light and comfort.