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“Go Within & Let Love In” Heal to Live

In 2011 Kerry’s near-death experience gave her the ability to channel, receive, and connect with many guides from higher dimensions. Kerry is an intuitive spiritual teacher, author, international speaker, transformational coach sound healer, and meditation teacher. Her spiritual teachings about divine love, peace, and harmony are her global messages and teachings to bring more love and light, raising awareness and consciousness have uplifted and changed many lives. As an intuitive and empath, Kerry is committed to sharing her channeled messages of divine light to private clients and groups alike, bringing in powerful emotional and physical breakthroughs to many individuals – for many years.

Fundamentally Kerry’s message is to awaken the spiritual essence and embody the human experience with a heart-centered and living in love, peace, and harmony. When she is not teaching her Sacred Heart Modalities Kerry travels to many countries to bring love into the hearts of those who need it most. Her words ‘Go Within & Let Love In” are what she shares with the World. Her NDE where she was awakened with an out of the body into spirit experience, in 2011, she had direct experiences with Ascendant Masters, Angels, Galactic Beings, and Spirit Guides. 

Kerry uses her intuitive and channeling abilities of touching, hearing, feeling, seeing, and inner knowing. She feels the emotional pain of others and has the ability to feel deep emotional blocks of others, including the heart. She assists energetically, those who are sensitive, transforming them into a state of love, healing the body, awakening the spirit within, transforming beliefs, old patterns, and paradigms to align with your true potential and well-being. 

Many people from around the globe have experienced Kerry’s hands-on approach as well as her distance healing via video calls. They experience amazing transformational shifts on an emotional and physical level through healing with Kerry’s love and light approach, and often profound healing, transcending into a more loving and caring state and sense of self.  

 Her inspirational words, “Love yourself within and let the healing begin,” were given to her in meditation to inspire others to heal within.

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Kerry Clancey is an Australian who has studied and lived in Bali and India. India is where she was introduced to Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality.’ She has studied at an Ayurvedic Study Centre in India to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga Teacher. 

Kerry attained degrees in Human Services/Social Work/Counselling when she worked in Australia. As a Spiritual Guidance Counselor, she guides and connects you with your true spiritual self through cleansing, clearing, and replenishing chakras, marmas, and nadis. This allows our life force energy to flow freely through our bodies, creating inner peace and joy. She realized healing was her life purpose after her near-death experience where she was given clear messages to heal and guide others into their true heart of self-realization.

She has studied heart attunement therapy with Tristan Bray, which is a unique therapy used to stimulate the nervous system, calm the body and mind and heal any inner wounds that sit within. 

Attunement Therapy is founded on some of the most ancient biological principles relevant to human physical and emotional health. Evolution has wired us to be physically connected with other people on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body, to de-stress and to heal.

This modality helps reduce fear, trauma, stress and anxiety in our life. Its influence on the nervous system balances hormones, which leads to enhanced digestion, immunity, longevity and physical wellness. This therapy is stunning in its simplicity and effectiveness.


As an Ambassador for Beyond Blue in Australia, she actively participates in bringing change to not only the mental health system but to bring a more spiritual and holistic approach to create well-being and wellness. Kerry is also an Ambassador for 1 Million Meditators who are a global movement and is a non-profit organization (NGO) that’s operated solely for the purpose of improving social welfare, world consciousness, and LOVE. Together we will help our planet thrive again and usher humanity into a new global consciousness of ONENESS!

Kerry has been influenced by The Australian School of Yoga and Meditation, many Indian Gurus, Greens Ayurveda India, and studied Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing (Master)Reiki and Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Barn. She has traveled to many countries, worked with many healers from around the world, and trained as a Hatha Yoga Teacher and many other modalities including Reiki (Grand Master), Chakra Meditation, Crystal Healing Therapy, Marma Points and Chakra Massage as well as Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Therapies and Healing. She is a channeler and through meditation can connect with spirits and guides.

Her near-death experience gave Kerry the awareness, knowledge, and spiritual guidance to connect with the higher self, spirit guides, and supreme energy as she works making divine connections, channeling, and providing a deep level of understanding at a soul and heart level to heal. Today Kerry divides her time between Bali, India, and Australia spreading her message of peace and love as she teaches people to find the light.

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