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Kerry Clancey

Craniosacral Therapist, Spiritual and Life Coach, Reiki Grandmasters, Master Sound Healer, Crystal Therapist, Channelor, Spiritual & Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Author.

Introducing Kerry Clancey

Kerry Clancey is a compassionate and dedicated lightworker, spiritualist, and heart attunement therapist who has touched the lives of thousands of individuals through her healing and transformative work. Her journey began with a profound near-death experience (NDE) that forever changed her perspective on life and spirituality.

During her NDE, Kerry ascended into a higher realm or plane where she encountered the divine light. This extraordinary experience ignited a deep spiritual awakening within her, propelling her towards a path of healing, transformation, and service to others. It was during this time that Kerry discovered her innate gifts as a healer and embarked on a mission to share them with the world.

“A world where Kerry, in spiritual form, guided me through my own heart while slicing negative energetic chords anchoring me in negative, destructive emotional patterns. she helped me heal the relationship with my mother, with my adopted sister, and with myself.”

BrandonYoga Teacher & Chiropractic Medicine, California USA

1-on-1 Healing Sessions

These 1-on-1 intuitive energy healing sessions help you release the emotional pain of the past and the blocks which are hindering you from being freely, fully, authentically you and living your unique life purpose.

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