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Kerry Clancey’s healing journey began with a near death experience in 2011, where she experienced an outer body experience and ascended into different dimensions, leaving her with the ability to channel, receive messages from divine guides,  celestial beings, higher energies, including the angelic realm. Shortly after her NDE Kerry had a profound experience with Buddha who came in one of her meditations and gave her the message to become a heart energy healer and teach others how to heal their hearts. As she trusted what she was receiving to be true,  her expansion and abilities to chanel and use her intuitive skills to help others increased dramatically, hence she now teaches her spiritual abilities to guide and help others on their spirit journeys.  Her inspirational words, “Love yourself within and let love in,” were given to her in meditation to inspire others to heal their inner suffering and trust their intuition stepping into their own unique power. Her Sacred Heart Meditations are channeled to her through a higher source which ultimately brings in angelic love, spirit guides and healing energies from other dimensions and universal life forces. 

Kerry Clancey is an Australian, who has studied, taught and researched for Psychology, CBT, Grief and Trauma, Meditation, Spiritual Counseling, Sound Healing, Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga, Breathwork, Diversional Therapy, Reiki , Chakra Therapy and Ayurveda for over 35 years.  She is also an Author and International Speaker, speaking at many events, including Australia, Bali and India about World Peace & Happiness.  She has lived in Bali and India for many years studying, teaching and learning about ancient healing modalities, sound healing,yogic therapies and philosophies which enhance spiritual well-being and wellness. She has studied at Greens Ayurvedic Study Centre in Kerala,India to become a Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant and Yoga Teacher. 

Kerry shares her effervescence for life by feeding your inner child to find joy, peace and harmony. She shares many Sacred Heart Meditations and Prayers which are her signature and channeled to her by spirit guides.  The heart is sacred and holds wisdom and knowledge, it is the gateway to the soul/spirit is one of Kerrys teachings. Offering guidance and transformational coaching to heal old paradigms, beliefs and patterns, overcoming obstacle, trauma, so that you can thrive, shine and become the powerful being you were born to be.  

One of her books “Heal to Live” is about enlightenment, spiritual wisdom and ascension.  It is a tool to help you heal and thrive.  Kerry shares her insight,  and knowledge she has attained on her spiritual journey. 


 Kerry attained degrees in Human Services/Social Work/Counselling when she worked in Australia. As a Spiritual Guidance Counselor she guides and connects you with your true spiritual self through deep energy and chakra clearing and inner child trauma healing. This deep emotional energy therapy will leave you feeling lighter, replenished and rejuvenated. 

Kerry has been influenced by The Australian School of Yoga and Meditation, many Indian Gurus, Greens Ayurveda India, and studied Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing (Master) Reiki and Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. She has traveled to many countries around the world, worked with many amazing healers, intuitive, psychic, shamans and yogis.  She is a medium and through meditation she can connect with spirits and guides. 

Her near-death experience gave Kerry the awareness, knowing and spiritual guidance to connect with the higher self, spirit and divine energy as she channels making divine connections, providing a deep level of understanding at a soul and heart level to heal. Kerry loves to empower people to reach their true potential and intuitively tune into their own unique power. After her NDE, Kerry felt a deep connection to Mother Earth, Water, Fire and Air elements as she gained understanding of this new found connection she is now able to call in these energies through, prayer and meditation.
Today Kerry divides her time between Bali, India, America and Australia spreading her message of peace and love as she teaches people to find their light.

“We are all light”

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