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Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening Course

4 Week Online Course
Weekly in depth teachings, videos and activities, 1on1 coaching session, weekly group coaching session, private facebook group, bonus meditations and more!

What Will I Learn?

Expand your spiritual and intuitive abilities as you make deep connections with your higher self. Become the Master of your well being as you learn the formula of Sacred Heart Connection and cosmic consciousness awakening. Feel refreshed as you dive into the formula that aligns chakra’s {energy center’s} as you meet the neuroscience and spiritual explanation’s while having the direct experience.

1. Introduction to Heart Harmony

Introduction Scared Heart Spiritual Awakening Course

2. Week 1- Chakra Alignment/Energy Balancing

Week 1 Text – Chakra Alignment/Energy Balancing
Week 1 Video – Chakra Alignment/Energy Balancing

3. Week 2 -Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening

Week two – Sacred Heart Spiritual Awakening
Affirmations Book
Week 2 – Video

4. Week 3 - Learning the Language of Love "heart brain coherence"

Week three – Learning the language of love – heart and brain coherence – aligning your chakra energy
Week 3 – Video

5. Week 4 - Developing your Intuition - "It's all about love"

Week 4 – Video
Week 4 Breathwork & Spirit Guides How To Tune into Intuition

Book Online Course