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Brandon, Yoga Teacher & Chiropractic Medicine, California USA

Kerry the Healer, or my “spiritual mother” as I know her, is one of the most beautiful, kind, and loving souls I have ever had the honor of connecting with. She and I met during our 200-hour yoga teacher training in Bali where we were clearly drawn to in order to meet and have the healing I had from her. I approached her one day after she had shared with the group that she was a reiki healer and I asked to have a healing done, not knowing what was in store for me. The next thing I knew, I was laying on her massage table in her healing room with crystals on my chakras preparing for the experience that would forever change my life. To recount the entire experience would be like writing a miniature book but to summarize, I was transported to another world within myself. A world where Kerry, in spiritual form, guided me through my own heart while slicing negative energetic chords anchoring me in negative, destructive emotional patterns. she helped me heal the relationship with my mother, with my adopted sister, and with myself. to say that it was the most profound experience of my life would be an understatement. my heart was blasted open and I realized that I was a being of infinite love who is worthy of being loved and deserving of the self-love I never properly gave myself. Kerry has continued to be a guide in my life for over a year now and helped me adjust back to the world after the healing. She is someone that I would trust my life with and could only recommend 1,000,000x’s over to anyone who is a genuine need of healing. She has helped heal my terminally ill aunt as well and she is now on the way to recovery. I could go on and on about how incredible she is but you will just have to experience it yourself. Thank you will never be enough Kerry for the healing and understanding you gave me through your treatment. I love you and can’t wait to see you again soon!

Sophie, Yoga Teacher, UK

I met Kerry purely by chance, or by what I thought was chance, on a bus back from the Gilli Islands to Ubud, Bali. When sitting next to her my whole body felt alive and active. I felt butterflies in my stomach, my arms and legs had pins and needles in them, I didn’t know what the reason was. (We were traveling to Ubud, I thought she was carrying some new high tech aura cleaning device transmitting electronic signals or something) We then started talking and she told me all about her family, life and what she did. She said casually in the conversation “I practice Reiki. I channel Angels”

As soon as she said the word Angels, I knew she was connected to something amazing. Her energy radiated to me making me feel warm and comforted, something I hadn’t felt in a long time; it wasn’t an electronic man-made signal I was feeling throughout my body but the sensations of pure goodness; Angels. I knew it was.

When she left the bus the tingling sensation left my body and so did the butterflies; it was incredible. I knew I had to see her, I was in awe of her energy and beautiful spirit.

A week or so later I saw Kerry for my first reiki sessions and the experience was unreal. I mean unreal because it’s something I can’t describe in words because I feel like what I felt and experienced can’t be describe and everyone will be so different when undergoing reiki because we are all so different. However, I can say this, the most powerful thing that happened during this reiki session was a connection to something higher than myself, Angels. I felt them and heard them. I closed my eyes during my reiki session so I couldn’t see, because my brain wanted to look to see that it was something touching me or breathing slowly beside me. But I refused to let it happen because I knew I had to put my belief into something else rather than myself and my brain for once because, thus far in my life, it hasn’t helped me at all; always thinking through my mind. Seeing Kerry has given me this complete shift in my life, she has taught me so many things and I have had so many experiences that I cannot describe how magical and out of this world they are. Most importantly through reiki and Kerry’s guidance, I have started to love myself, others, nature and God. I now realize I am never alone, ever, and the Angels, and now of course Kerry, will always be there to help me and support me through my life no matter what happens.


When an Angel Calls
I didn’t know she was an Angel,
as she sat next to me on the bus,
I didn’t know she was an Angel until she opened her mouth,
I didn’t know she an Angel until she spoke her words of God (Universe)
Something from another time and place,
I felt it in my stomach,
I felt in my heart,
She was a god sent gift,
an Angel at heart.
Her words were kind, her soul was pure,
She was a beautiful human being that’s for sure,
I will never forget the day she graced me with her presence,
She was a messenger from GOD,
A soul worthy to be sacred and cherished,
Just like you and just like I,
Well, all are, we all carry the message and power.
we just have to find trust and believe in it
Written by Sophie, UK…

Thank you, Kerry, for everything, so much love for you and all you do
Lots of love,

Bastian, France

What a pleasure to be around your happy energy during these two weeks. Thanks for the time that you could take for the healing session this morning. I can see that it is important for you to spread your experience and love and it is admirable and remarkable. I wish you the best for all your experience.”

Jorge, Spain

Dear Kerry,
Meeting you has been a great experience for me. I came to India looking for Ayurvedic knowledge and found…… an experience beyond my expectations. As I told you I am a very mind focused person and meeting you has been a great gift for me: you have really helped me to open my heart, my chakra heart, and link it with the rest of my body, mind, and soul. Thank you so much for the healing session… great chance to find the love inside me and spread it around the world and the universe. And I thank you for the kind and valuable task you are spreading around the World. The World needs more people like you, flowering and loving endless and helping other people to heal or find their own path in life. With all my love Jorge, x.”

Blanca, Spain

The experience lived with Kerry was special, from the very first moment I felt a great relaxation, specifically in some areas. She was transmitting me something I cannot define. I had the feeling of floating in the air in the session. I have never felt this before. Thank you so much, Kerry, for this wonderful experience I have lived with you. I will always remember it because that date was my birthday and it was like a gift from Heaven, Blanca. Love and hugs from Spain… Namaste x”

Chloe, London

I had never had any spiritual healing practiced on myself so didn’t know what to expect. However, after Kerry completed a crystal healing session with me it is evident she was able to clear any chakra blockages and tap into negative emotions I was holding onto. I came away feeling lighter, happier, and more mentally prepared for life’s next adventures. I would recommend this for anyone stress/anxiety, or is curious to discover one’s spiritual self ???? xx”

Id, Bali

I had a healing with Kerry as soon as she placed the crystals on my heart started beating fast I felt so blissful and happy. My body was so relaxed and I felt I was with my divine. My third eye opened up and I felt my head being tilted and divine cosmic energy was being filtered through my whole body. My mind was free of thought as the energy flowed through my body. It saw a bright light that was flowing with me and beside me. This was a truly divine enlightening experience for me, pure happiness. Thank you so much, Kerry”

Hannah, Gold Coast Australia

Hello everyone! Kerry has such a beautiful heart and soul. My healing with her was so profound and helped me to release a lot of negative energy built up in my body. She is empowered to look into my own chakras and one by one work through the emotions that resided there. Without her guidance and healing energy, I never would have discovered what my body was storing. Thank you, Kerry.”

Maja, Germany

I can highly recommend Kerry’s energy healing massage! Kerry is an unbelievable nice and warm person! From the first moment on I felt so connected to her and I could confide her all my problems. She opened all my chakras with energy and the help of angels and crystals. I felt the energy flowing in all parts of my body, that was an incredible feeling! Thank You, Kerry”

Laurens, Germany

I had an amazing healing experience with Kerry this morning, you opened up my heart and my soul. During your healing, I felt something I cannot describe. For the last year, my brain was totally blocked until now, right now after the healing my brain is totally free. Kerry opened up space and I am now flowing, my life starts to flow again, like a River which goes deep into the sea. thank you so much, Laurens”

Sophia, Greece

A wonderful experience, feeling the connection and love, truly fantastic sensations! Thank you very much, Kerry, for working on the service of divine, my heart is full of gratitude..! Namaste”

Helen, Germany

Dear Kerry,
I’ll thank you for one of the most empowering experiences in my life. You found my heart and my soul, you helped me to find inner voice and love. This picture I have drawn for you is a symbol of your Healing. Every single Lotus is a person you healed and above the Lotus Flower will come thousands of beautiful experiences. I write to you all the best, your wishes will come true. We see u in Bali. I love you, Helen, xx.”