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You are the power, you are the light keeper!

There was a time when I thought that the galactic world was just someone exacuate   and put fear into us.  OMG!! I have realized that is the complete opposite.  My recent experiences with the galactic family (my words) has recently been so profound, I am being woken up at night, my alarm went off at 333 in the morning, for no reason and left me curious as to why? I never set the alarm for that time?  Angels appearing in my dreams, meditations and while walking.  Jesus and Buddha are also coming throught and bringing in the light to anyone who is open to receive it. 

I have had many channeled messages from Buddha, his messages giving confirmation and clarity to the work that I do.  Light keepers of the world its your time to share those unique skills you felt you needed to hide away.  Its your time to shine.  There are hundreds of thousands of lightkeepers/lightworkers on the planet at the moment, bringing in the light consciousness to all of us and the planet. 

If you are having dreams, waking up the early hours of the morning, feeling lethargic or having flue type symptoms, nausa, tiredness etc then you are receiving DNA upgrades or light codes, which simple means you are aware that your thoughts control your body, mind and connection to spirit/soul.

At these times, you meditate more because of the way it makes you feel and your new understanding is your intuition telling you how amazing you are and how your thoughts create your reality and your imagination is so powerful that what you think about you bring about.  This new found wisdom comes from you higher self/divine source.  Its your connection to the universal energies that are above us and around us.  You now know you are the universe and what you speak about you bring about.  This is so powerful we need to be conscious of what we are speaking about in every one moment as what conversation we have with someone can create that, even conversations we have with our self is so powerful. 

It time to align and step up, this is your call to action, your time to shine, your ability to connect with your higher power.  You are Amazing!! It’s time to put love over hate, light over dark, peace over fear, this is a collective consciousness shift into the new world.  For those who have been aware of their emotions and processing information will have a much easier time.  You are the new leaders, the new managers, the new entrepreneurs, the new business owners the new leaders of consciousness evolving on earth.  This is beneficial for all of humanity, purge and push away what doesn’t serve your higher good and rise to the calling of action. Connect with the angelic realm for assistance if you are struggling, call in spiritual support and anyone from the Galactic Family Circle.

If you would like to connect with me, my online intuitive energy healings are having profound experiences, with ascendant masters joining.

Please connect with me is you would like to hear more.  Click on the link in IG bio.

Much love and gratitude

Kerry x

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