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It’s a December to remember, Can you believe that we’re in December already? I was reminded to write this blog at around 5.30 am this morning when I awakened to the sound of rain pounding on the roof of my villa in Bali. What’s interesting is this rain is uncommon for this time of year and I see it as the weather patterns changing again as we transcend into the new world being more aware and awakened to who we are and what we see as important.

What’s exciting is 21st December 2020 there is a collective consciousness coming together to bring more light and healing to the planet. How this is done is easy, just by thought alone on this day we can imagine a beautiful pillar of light of starlight filtering down on the planet, transmitting into every being. Imagine those being happy, playful, and joyful at this moment as you send that same light to Mother Earth. It’s very simple!
Another exciting thing is Christmas, YAY! It’s on a FRI YAY!! I’m starting to plan my day with friends here in Bali as many of us will not be returning home or seeing our families.
I feel a little emotional and teary writing now. I am also very grateful to be surrounded by such love and kindness here in Bali.
Many people are from around the world and I have formed a real heart connection with them while in lockdown.
I never realized how caught up I was in my work life, busy with my energy healing work. Life seems much simpler now. I guess I could say there are many positives in the covid19 we can draw on.
I don’t know what simple means for you? For me, it just means I do things differently and don’t rush like I used to. Do you ever wonder why we rush so much or strive to meet the deadlines of others.? I have found that I was living on adrenaline most of the time and if you haven’t read or heard about the “stress hormone” activation or fight or flight then hopefully this will help you seen things from a different perspective. Believe me, this blew me away. To put it simply we have been brought up to live in fear, fear activates the stress hormone and comprises our nervous system, then our immune system is compromised and we get sick. MMM, does that get you thinking about what’s just happened in this past year. ?
As most of you know I am a meditation teacher and when this information was delivered to me, it was a gamechanger in the way I teach. To keep it simple, we are either is stress {fear} or we are in our heart. Once we come from the mind {fear} and the other comes from love {heart}. I say pick one, which one would you rather be. I always choose love and when I’m not in love essence I know there is something I need to work on. I am telling you this because it’s an important part of the new world we are stepping into. When our heart is activated our intuition is heightened and we can channel the information we require that leads us to our higher purpose and gives us confirmation about why we are here.
As most of you know, last month I finally launched my online courses, meditations, and videos. It’s been a lot of fun and some tears along the way.
I am loving the spiritual talks I do on 1Million Meditators every Saturday, after the global meditation.
One question I was asked sticks in my mind :
What does it feel like to die and is it painful?
I love questions like this one because it takes me back to the feelings of dying and how transcending {what I call it} was such a beautiful experience and I am so grateful that I am here to share it.
From my experience, I believe that we each have a journey in this life, and when it’s our time, we transcend in a way that is right for us at that moment. I have listened to many people who have crossed over and returned. What’s interesting is their experiences are all very similar to mine, however, in different ways. So mine was with an experience of anaphylactic and being pulled out of my body, leaving me floating on the ceiling looking down at Drs and nurses trying to keep me alive. I also like listening to Anita Moorjani and her NDE with cancer and death.

If you haven’t already listened to her you tubes or attended one of her workshops she is a must-do!
Like many, my experience was blissful, once I surrendered to the pain. The transition lasted a few minutes, however, there is no time, so it’s a hard one for me to answer when I am asked. As I floated outside my body, I could feel the feeling of letting go as I passed through, what I can only describe as lightness, bliss, euphoria, and ecstasy. All of that and more as I went into the light. Consciously I knew what was happening and that I was dying, I know I had to surrender so that the pain would leave, and once I did this I was in bliss. I became one with the light. At this point, there was no fear, no pain, no judgment, now time, no hate, etc, it just didn’t exist in the spirit world I had just entered. I was in heaven. I was one with the light and I was consciousness.
I often hear my stories from people whose loved ones have crossed over and how they have concerns about them and are they ok where they are. I can assure you from not only my experience but many others we are connected to something so powerful, whether you want to call it spirit, quantum field, universe god, or whatever it doesn’t really matter, from my experience our soul/spirit is pure and light, with love and joy that is like ecstasy. This is why I believe my Sacred Heart Meditations have become so popular because I use this same experience to guide people into their souls. What a gift I was left with after my NDE.
I believe we are born with purity and love, and then we live in fear and emotional pain/suffering for most of our lives, never really connecting with our soul/spirit journey, and then we return to our truth when we cross over.
We must learn to meditate into this consciousness that we are connected to so that we do not fear death or death of others. If you don’t resonate with you then I am so sorry, it’s just I am so passionate, I want everyone to know and understand their uniqueness and internal power.
I think once we understand this it helps with the grieving process. It’s much better to know our loved ones are in a beautiful place of serenity than anything else. We all have a beautiful soul that connects with our hearts.
Often in my workshops, I come across people who

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