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You Are Light

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Having the ability to bring our thoughts, dreams and wishes into reality so that we can manifest,
requires a spiritual discipline. There are spiritual laws which we are governed by and we don’t
remind ourselves and make it our daily practice we will easily, not do it! Just like going to the gym or
doing yoga or meditation. The spiritual law that helps us create, from our deep inner power, life
force energies and our experiences will move us forward to greater happiness and fill us up
{fulfillment} so that we lead a more balanced, peaceful and stress less life.

You can become the Master Manifestor by focusing on what it is you wish to create, which means
whatever you focus on a thing or maybe material or spiritual as long as you do this in a place, with
loving thoughts and for the higher good of yourself, others and the planet you will start aligning with
what it is you want to create.

We all have spirit guides, angel and other guides who are here for us and will assist with anything
we want as long as it’s with good intent and will help others. Always ask the question “Is this for my
higher good” or “How will this benefit others” or “How can I make a difference to the World in which I
live” or “What is my purpose” or you may wish to ask all of these.

I find on days where I may be feeling a little low or off track, these are very powerful questions which
take me to take to my heart and I can feel the goodness align with what I want to create. Keep
communicating to your heart and remember it’s your gateway to your soul/spirit and it knows all the
answers that you seek. I love meditating and using prayer to raise my vibration and step into the
energy field of manifestation. It a very simple formula, however, I find when I get caught up with the
daily grind I can overlook my daily spiritual practice. I have found, over time, that if we don’t do this
we get caught up in social media, TV, news, government issues and many other things which we
don’t necessarily be involved in. These are low energy, materialistic, options so make sure you
make good healthy choices of things you put into your daily spiritual practice and feed you soul

I find using angels guides, spiritual connection never fails me and is how I live my life today. Giving
thanks, blessings and taking every opportunity to stay elevated in my energy in these times and by
putting my focus on creating positive energy that positive events happen all around me and them I
start attracting that. One example, is recently I was sitting having a conversation with someone
about my workshops when a person approached me, I had met her briefly before. She asked me if
I knew of anyone who is in need of a Social Media Manager. I said “ME” so we met a few days later
and now I’m about to launch my dream project. How I did this was, I journal and planned out what I
wanted and needed to do. I kept asking my heart and held the high vibe feeling until it was
embodied inside every cell within me. I kept reading it, writing about it, adding to it and thinking
about it through the day and know, it’s happening, the wheels are in motion. I will share more about
this in a future post. You get what I mean though. We must be disciplined in this practice and make
sure we use our spiritual practice to create a better world.

Receiving from above, as I like to call it is another way. In meditation I easily channel divine
energies’, celestial beings and galactic energies. They are here to help us thrive and rise. Do not
get caught up in a negative agenda of others or people who call themselves lightworkers and then
focus on negative. They are off-balance and not in alignment with the new world of love and peace.
When we focus on all things positive, we manifest from love and we step into our power. There is
a grand plan unfolding from a higher source. This divine force is helping us rise. I am sharing this
with you because I have been through many experiences with others who perceive to hold the light
for others, however, do the opposite and spread the opposite. I try not to give them too much
attention because where our attention goes our energy flows.

My experience with celestial beings has only become stronger since the lockdown so if your feeling tired, brain fog, body pain know that this is part of it. You are transitioning and all these things are coming to the surface to let lighter in.
Galactic, Angel and Light codes that are showering earth are coming from much higher intelligence
than we have ever been privileged to. I would like you all to remember, you were made with love,
you are love and your heart is where love lives. There is a beautiful light that is inside us and when
we attune with this light we become that.

When doing virtual spiritual counselling, many people see the light consciousness, I believe the healing music I am guided to use and the heart chakra opening is the key. Once these vibrational frequencies align we step into the higher dimensions and they step into us. This is how we become light and love.

Sending much love and light to you all

Kerry xx