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Our stories are many and our behaviours are part of our story because they come from old paradigms or beliefs which are placed there, like seeds, into our subconscious. Past hurts, traumas, mistakes are all part or have been part of bringing us to where we are today. Some people get stuck in their story, putting their conscious energy into telling it over and over. It then becomes who they are and defines them as angry, selfish and miserable.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Healer and past Social Worker/Counselor, I have heard many sad and tragic stories from the clients. It always a similar story of childhood trauma, emotional distress, suffering from ex-partners, lovers, parents, family, friends, workplace colleagues and past events that sometimes leave others unable to shift or move forward. Using my intuitive and psychic gifts to channel supreme creator, ascendant masters and Galactic beings helps lifts these trauma’s for many, to change deep embodied beliefs, patterns and paradigms. The techniques I use are very empowering and lift the burdens of past emotional pain, leaving revitalized well-being. Some cases, the story is so strong it takes 2 or 3 sessions for the process, but most cases 1 – 2 sessions is all that is needed to lift the past emotional trauma. I believe the reason for this is the person is unable to let go with an open heart as they are stuck in their subconscious/belief system. This also affects the nervous system which is why so many have anxiety or depression and sometimes both.

In the session I do, it’s important for me to focus on finding the emotional pain and feelings that are within the person so that they can let go, easily, to the past paradigm/pattern. Sometimes hearing stories are heavy on the heart and can cover up the causes of the past because the emotional trauma is so embodied and deep. My focus has always been to empower and have the person gain their inner power so that they are no longer feeling heavy or weighed down by the past.

We are each here for a reason and life happens for us and not to us. Each and every one of us has an inner power that we can tap into, align with and tune into it. We can all manifest whatever we wish and desire and create or co-create whatever we dream of. By changing the way we think, will change the way we feel, then embody a new emotional change, leaving us to make future decisions that beneficial for our wellness and well-being. When we think, we become and all thoughts create our reality, so getting creative with our thoughts, creates our reality. This is how we manifest, whatever we wish for or want. When we step away from the old story/belief/paradigm we see things more clearly, without being immersed in the past. This is disempowering and creates negative thoughts which take us away from who we are and what we are here to do. When we open the door of the subconscious, consciousness steps in and overrides the past, creating the new way.

Much love and gratitude to you all

Kerry xxx

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