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To all you beautiful souls who are practising spiritual growth and wellbeing,

It is not easy sometimes as we step into this new way of being, but I want you to know, every 2 steps you take forward you will take one back. This is because you are not only growing on a spiritual level, you are reprogramming your mind and body to accept and believe in the new you. Yes! The new person you are becoming has more spiritual depth, more intuitive and is opening up to an even greater psychic ability that you’re never new possible. I tell all my clients to “keep going” you are the Master and step into your power. We were not taught this as children, we were not taught to use our intuition or psychic abilities, although we were born with them heightened. We were taught the opposite, to listen to what the mind says (unconscious and subconscious programming) that does not serve us or our wellbeing. Our true being is to be-in the moment. When I first learn this, it took me a little time to figure out how to maintain on a level where I was in control and not my mind and body. To be truthful, it hasn’t been easy, navigating the spiritual sense of self. It can be frustrating, annoying and sometimes emotionally draining, to where giving up seems to be better than doing spiritual practice. Believe me, once you work out the formula you will become so excited and happy that you will not even contemplate, not doing daily spiritual practice.

I have found, when we pay attention, focus on our heart and emotions our heartbeat becomes like a vibrational amplifier. Increasing and synchronizing me, heart and brain, creating coherence, not only in the physical body, organs, but also our energetic magnetic field surrounding our body (Aura) expands, lifting us into higher consciousness and wellbeing.

Sitting just behind our breastbone sits a little gland called the “thymus gland”, which has a very close and intimate connection with the heart centre. The heart chakra and physical heart and deeply connected through energies, physical and non-physical. The thymus gland is a main organ of the immune system and is a vital role in promoting the T Cell which system defends the body against bacteria and viruses. The thymus gland shrinks with long term stress and negativity, which means the auric field of energy around our body shrinks. Our hearts have a mind-brain of their own with over 40K sensory neurites, the same as the brain. Our hearts also have their own nervous system that functions independently for the brain. It’s called the intrinsic cardiac nervous system. The heartbeats to the rhythm of love. Love is a higher vibrational word, feeling and sensation that creates a healthier, happier way of being.

As I mentioned, it takes practice, understanding and knowledge to understand that we are connected to something so powerful, our hearts, that when we learn how to navigate, tune in and use daily spiritual practice we can become so powerful to create an abundant life, giving us everything we need and want.

I have found, spending just 5 to 10 minutes daily works much better than trying to find 30 minutes to 1 hour. The key is to practice, practice, practice, so the life, the subconscious takes on new programming and resets the old paradigms which have been planted inside our minds and we believe this to be true.

As my spiritual practise increases and the insight comes through, I will keep sharing with you all. I believe if I can create a better world for others than my world will also become better because we are all connected. My new podcasts, sacred heart meditations and newsletters are for you to formulate spiritual self-practice. Be kind to yourself every step of the way and know that your heart is your connection to your inner spirit, soul and quantum field of energy, also known as the universe, god, supreme, life force all of which mean the same thing.

Have a beautiful day and please reach out to me if I can be of service.

Much love and gratitude.

Kerry xx  

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