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Sacred Heart Meditation

These meditations will leave you feeling as though you have been transported to a higher dimension and feeling the true essence of you. Kerry’s guided meditations connects you with your inner guidance (intuition, spiritual self, and angel guides. Its powerful and transcendental process will open and reconnect you with the intelligence of your heart chakra and physical heart energy that can completely transform your life. This process resolves relationship issues, dissolves physical and emotional pain transporting you into a place of self-love and elevation your auric energy field for manifestation.

When the energy of our chakras is blocked we feel unclear, overwhelmed, unsettled, stressed, fearful and overall out of balance and blocked. This has a direct effect on financials, relationships, physical body, and overall well-being. It doesn’t have to be this way! That’s why I have put together these retreats and workshops and training to teach you how to fully embody and empower your inner being. Once we know the formula of the Mind, Body and Spirit we can easily heal and clear our emotional, physical and psychological blocks fast and effectively creating life balance. There a signs our energy centers are blocked leaving us feeling stressed, resentment, anger, guilt, shame, feelings that carry heavy low vibration energy.

Cleansing and clearing away old energy patterns and paradigms is so good for your inner self and keeps your soulful. Becoming Soulful is the new way of living, bringing more peace, love, gratitude and harmony into your life!