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I write this blog with my heart on my sleeve, in hope that more and more people start to connect with
their inner power – higher self/consciousness. I am always blessed with feeling the presence of angels,
guides, and galactic family. I am here to spread a very important message to all those I connect with,
online and in person. Try not to get caught up in all the media hype and mainstream TV as it lowers our
vibration. Its time for all of us to step up and take action, using our higher power, our energetic
intelligence, our spiritual mastery. How do you step into yours? We are energy being and energy is
moving 100s of times a second, which simply means energy in energy out and everything is energy
including Media sites. What energy you take on is your responsibility and I think by now you have
worked out which energy you would prefer to be in. I know I do! I vibe with my tribe and if I don’t, I
know I need to clear my energy field.

Awareness is a number 1 key to consciousness and when we realize this we awaken. I remember when I
felt the awakening of love and light. What I mean is when I had my NDE I was taken to other
dimensions; I was engulfed with the presence of light which was penetrating so much love I didn’t want
to leave or return.

This light comes from the Galaxy family of Galactic Federation, Commander Ashtar is a multidimensional
being who sends love and light to promote truth, peace and harmony between planets. He appears in
human form so he can communicate at a heart level with all of us on Earth. Just like angels, he can only
come if he is called. His presence is pure and his congregations of light beings bring in healing to the
world. Together, they want to bring in positivity, healing and inspiration to those around them and
those who call upon them. He uplifts the hearts of leaders and inspires them to walk a path of truth.

I love writing about him and as I write my heart is warm. I can feel tingles flowing through my body,
combined with the feeling of warmth and my heart is full. I am now channelling through divine love! I
know this was a call to action, to write and to speak about the Galaxy Family. I know they are here
because of my recent upgrades and messages received. Being woken up at 3.30 am one morning and
given the message to step aside from my FEAR, the Galaxy Family are taking care of the darkness that is
circulating around our planet. Keep shining your light and teach others they said. Not only did I feel
relieved, I felt held and comforted as I fell back to sleep. I woke up feeling light and peaceful knowing
this experience was real. Tell others they said, “tell them to connect with us” in dreams, in meditation,
in spirit. They cannot join us unless they are called up. They need many of us to call them in, call on
their higher consciousness galactic realm. They also work with the angelic realm to help us raise our
frequency. Call upon them, ask that they join us here to help us raise into consciousness and love.
Its time for all of us to expand our crown chakra, through faith, trust and enlightenment by going into
our inner world, identifying our limited beliefs and changing them, so that we can exit old ways of being.
You all have a beautiful heart and your heart can heal others, it can also bring in the light to the planet,
people, and things at will. We are all conscious and have this inner power we can tune into. Let shine
together and bring in more love and light to help the planet rise.

When doing virtual spiritual counselling, many people see the light consciousness, I believe the healing music I am guided to use and the heart chakra opening is the key. Once these vibrational frequencies align we step into the higher dimensions and they step into us. This is how we become light and love.
Much love and gratitude to you all. Please go to my website for podcasts, meditations and courses.

Kerry xx

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