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I love sharing what I do, helping people to discover their true potential and inner power. We each have a spiritual soul that can help us with our life purpose and what we are here to do in life. Many of us go in another direction and resist what’s been given to us from the Universe, Divine, spirit guides and the angelic realm. We are not just Mind and Body, we each have a spirit that we can connect with when our mind is quiet and our body is relaxed.

I think its important to understand who we are and I share my experiences of when I died and came back and how I became aware of the spirit within all of us. We are not taught this when we are young. The complete opposite actually. It takes time, to reconnect with your true essence of your soul. This is because we need to reprogram and reset the old paradigms and patterns put upon us when we were children. We are energy beings and our energy connects to a frequency and vibration which can be either high or low, depending on our environment, our thoughts and those who are around us. We pick up other energy and we can feel them in a way that we think it is coming from us, but actually, it’s coming from them.

Lately, I have been working through some old pattern and beliefs which has left me feeling very tired, confused and sometimes angry. When this happens because we are evolving and need to become aware of how our energy affects others and how their energy affects us. When we are aware, we awaken. This then allows us to self-care, self regulate and feel safe.
I have thought about how I could deliver my courses in a simple format and offer guidance in a way that felt like I am with you energetically. This has been a new experience for, to create in a new way (online) as I am so used to having you with me in the room. If you have been in my Sacred Heart Meditations you will know that when we connect with our hearts and come into a place of love we can connect with other energies (people) in the room.

Well, guess what? I did it. I started with one on ones and realized I could connect and channel, ascendant masters, angel guides and others who like to join in. I knew then I could do this in a virtual platform and teach in a way that would not only empower others but bring them into a place of peace, harmony and gratitude.
Please listen to my FREE podcasts and Sacred Heart Meditations (Instagram BIO) or YouTube Meditations. You may wish to look at my NEW Website where you access these also. I love hearing from you and receiving your messages too! Please keep sending them through.

Big hugs and much love & gratitude

Kerry xx

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