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Hello to all my soul family,
Did you know we are going to have a major energetic shift, shifting us into the higher dimensions of the angelic realm? This will take place on the 31st of October 2020. It’s a time when the blue moon presents itself combined with Halloween.
These energies are high! What’s fabulous about this is we manifest whatever we desire. Yes! It’s time to throw away the old, cleanse and clear so that there is space for the new.

This includes the mind! What are you holding onto in your mind? Is there anyone or anything you are not forgiving and holding grudges, what about your home, is there clutter? What are you holding onto which is not good for you or makes you feel unhappy? And then there are those relationships that we hang onto and think they are healthy for us to continue. It’s not healthy to be and feel unhappy, this is unhealthy and if you are feeling flat energetically then you need to find the things that give you joy?

Write down in your journal 3 things or people that give you JOY?

Write down 3 People who you love?

Write down 3 people you are grateful for?

These 3 steps will help you move into the goodness of who you are and manifest a new outcome.

Use your journal daily, especially now until the 31st to bring the new. Remember you have an inner power that when you tune into this your intuition opens up and guides you to where you need to be.
Take time every day to be with your thoughts and feelings, allow what doesn’t serve you to pass, and return to your higher inner guidance. Your heart will help you also so take time to feel into your heart, your inner spirit.
If you feel like you are struggling, ask your angel guides to come and assist. You can go to my website and look at the free meditations, blogs, and podcasts about the angelic energies. I am also offering online sessions and from now until the end of the year you receive 3 sessions for the price of 2.

This is my favorite angel whisperer from the UK

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Have a beautiful day.
Much love and gratitude

Kerry xx

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