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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are hanging in there, riding out the waves of ascension and that you do your best self every day. Yes, that’s right! Do your best self every day, without fail. Say to yourself “How can I be the best I can be today”. I find doing this first thing in the morning is best before the mind has an opportunity to come in and tell another story or take you on another path. Doing this every day not only sets you up for a brighter lighter day is overrides our subconscious mind and creates a new neural pathway in the brain. Yes, another “that’s right”. If you are not doing your spiritual practise every day by listening to what your mind is doing and changing it to another way of being you will take on what the mind is telling you and it will create another path than the one you want for yourself. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Who doesn’t want to create a life of abundance?

I write this because I wanted to share with you my recent experience which lasted almost 4 days. I felt myself slipping into a downhill spiral, into the arms of FEAR! As the arms of fear held my hand and pulled me close to its unseen low vibrational energy I noticed, how tired I was feeling, how my thoughts just wouldn’t stop and how I attracted way too much low vibrational energy from others. I am sure if you are reading this blog you have been there. It took all my inner strength to say No to certain people {healthy boundaries}, let go of outcomes and surrender to myself by going deep into my heart. At that moment, I felt truth and clarity, I was no longer in the arms of FEAR, I was back in the arms of my higher self, my self-worth returned, my inner guidance was loud and clear, with my intuition guiding me on the path of prosperity, abundance and health. It takes spiritual discipline to keep us intact and on track. I let my meditation practice go for a few days, without even realizing it! This will never happen again, even if its 5 minutes, 3 times per day, I am committed to my highest self, my inner spirit and soul. Do you ever find yourself slipping into these types of cycles? It took me many years to learn this practice and discipline myself, spiritually, to let go of others agendas, outcomes and desires to focus on my own sense of self and inner world. We are all responsible for our own outcomes.

I now realize I am ok with this new life, I feel at home more than I ever did, when I allow myself space and time to breathe, meditate and come into my heart, my soul and my highest self step forward. I understand that when this happens, I am at my best, the best being, the best natural me, it’s so awesome!

Here are some questions Id like to share with you that has helped me stay on my spiritual path. I ask these to my inner self

  1. Are you listening to your inner wisdom/higher self or?
  2. Are you ready to give things up that no longer serve your higher self?
  3. Are you ready to keep listening to your inner guidance and leap into faith?
  4. Are you home or are you still living in the illusion of someone else and their ideals of how you should be?

As we release Fear and distorted energy we enter a more harmonious, more conscious and more 5th Dimensional, no separation into oneness. When our frequency rises to love, peace and harmony we are free to embrace our divine bliss. Giving blessings of gratitude and sending love and light to those who are need will also raise our frequency into the divine starlight.

We are taken by the light once we surrender to its beautiful magnificence and joy allowing your true guidance to take you there. Give up the FEAR and MIND Plays, you will not win. Love is unconditional and when we love ourselves unconditionally our outer world becomes that also. We are changing from the inside out and letting go of FEAR and bring in more love to the inner world of self will open your heart to bring more balance to your physical and spiritual characteristics to self. 

As we shift into the new paradigm, the new Golden Age, the Ages of Aquarius we feel the powerful pull of cosmic energies, increasing high vibe light is now streaming into the earth which is why the FEAR presented itself to me. I believe it was here to show me and teach me how to gauge, use my inner guidance {IGS} as a thermometer of truth and non-truth, fear and love!

It’s important for all of us to manage this new light being transmitted and hold tight in its power so it can integrate into the body, layer by layer, tissue by tissue, cell by cell. Eating light foods which are grown from Mother Earth is also good, daily sacred heart meditation and crystals can also channel more light through our beings. This is so powerful, like a grand conscious shift and awakening. Powerful cosmic energies of high frequencies are having a huge impact causing ascension symptoms which may feel a little uneasy, fearful and shaky. These feelings are normal, what I have learnt is to keep moving into love and light. 

Take good care of your whole being right now, it’s so important, be around people who inspire you and want to uplift you. You are not alone, remember what you put out you will get back and receive, believe and receive love and light from others. Embrace the divine juices. Keep spreading your inner light and develop your inner strength, resist everything in these times, from human consciousness, actions, egos and fears.

Sending you all much love and light!

Shine you light bright!

Much love and gratitude

Kerry x

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