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Retreat scedule

Retreat Scedule

Sacred Heart Spiritual Retreat schedule 6-10 august 2020

Day one: Thursday 6th August

Meet and eat in the beautiful Garden Café at the Yoga Barn in Ubud Bali. Choose a nourishing meal from our delicious menu. Introduction and getting to know each other.  We are all on different spiritual journeys where through collective energy and coming together we can raise our energy levels through laughter and learning about each other and their backgrounds.  It’s a nice way to meet new people and share some fun times while enjoying a meal together.

Day two: Friday 7th August

Meet in the Yoga Barn Carpark at 8am where we will travel to one of Bali’s; most magical temples and receive blessings and cleansing.  This process is with prayer, intention and releasing stale stagnant energy of the past.  This then allows the new energy to come through and create a more abundant flow of life.

This process will also include Heart Harmony Meditation where emotional energy is released and purified.  Let go and flow with the high vibe of new energetic balanced energy.

Day three Saturday 8th August

We spend the day together at Yoga Barn where we dive deep into the inner child, child hood trauma, emotional wounding’s from the past including relationships.  We reconnect with our inner self bringing the inner child out to heal moving into a new patterning of self-worth, freedom and confidence.

You are worthy of having it all, you are worthy of love, you are worthy of an abundant of happy loving people and abundant of wealth and health.  There are many things we don’t think we are worthy of.

Following day 1: Establish your connection to the universal energy, your higher self and your spirit guides, it’s about setting intentions, prayer and your spirit guides.  Integrating and developing your psychic senses so that you can regulate these understandings into your day to day aspects of life.

Day four Sunday 9th August

Sacred Sunday Meditation at the Yoga Barn

We will join a group of YB guests.  Join in the morning of sacredness and transitional healing process and tuning into your higher power and self-worth.  We spend the day together in deep mediation process and dive deep into different healing meditation modalities.

Dance body energy movement to shake out stale stagnant energy from the body. Move and groove as you feel your heart energy raise you into your true sense of self. Through dance we can heal stuck energy from the physical body that has been dormant in the energy centers.

Let’s go deeper in Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and Chinese {Chi}.  Discover the ancient philosophies of these spiritual practices. 


Sajeesh – Ayurveda and healing with mama points

Chinese medicine – yoga, theory and healing with chi (Nicola)

Ending with Chi Gong (Suzanne)

Day five 10th August

Meet in yoga barn car park for a to waterfalls, Yogis garden and Rice Fields.  (lunch not included)

Together as a collective consciousness (energy) you will learn the Inner peace walking meditation where your consciousness will be heightened and your awareness awakened as we move into a naturally super way of being.  This meditation clears the energy of the bottom three chakra’s and teaches how to move your energy through the body to heighten and empower your wellbeing. Giving blessings to your body, inner energy Centre’s and prayer, set with intention is powerful to the body, mind and spiritual connection.


Closing at 3pm Yoga Barn. 
This retreat will take into a journey where you identify, release and emotional dysfunction (blocks) moving you into freedom feeling more joyful, feelings of inner peace and becoming empowered to step into your self-worth discovering the cosmic you, the naturally super you! Through spiritual therapy and scared heart meditation you will be led deep into your soul/spirit becoming spiritual abundance as you step into the quantum wellness and new way of being.


More about Kerry

Kerry’s Near-Death Experience left her with the inner knowing that every person on the planet should learn their true essence of their spirit and how all human life influences electromagnetic field of energy which carries vital information which is Mother Earths Heart Beat.  Only through the heart are we able to connect with this high frequency energy that activates the Pineal gland and elevates signals in the brain that connect with heart and brain. 

Learn the deep connections through inner child therapy, Spiritual therapy and wisdom of heart brain synchronicity.

You will be left feeling worthy of abundantly creator of your future life and destiny.  Through sound healing, ecstatic dance, safe space sharing, Sound healing therapy is an incrediable experience that guides you into yourself where you are able to reconnect to your inner self, inner world and connect with who you truly are.  The body is 65% water and water react to frequencies of the singing bowls.  By being present with this technique on a physical level your body and mind are cleansing, healing and restoring.  The vibration of sound is bringing you back to balance an, harmony and peace.

Kerry’s Sacred Heart Meditation is embodied as Kerry intuitively uses her channeling to energy connections to raise the frequency of any environment.

These techniques developed by Kerry to help people on their journey of life, balancing and healing.  Through Kerry’s NDE and her training in many modalities including, Ayurveda, yoga, chakra balancing, Reiki mastery, crystal therapy, energy psychology, quantum alignment, spiritual teaching and guidance.  Spiritual Therapy is a unique transitional therapy that connects you to oneself through deep sacred heart meditation and emotional traditional therapy.

When we are Intune, we awaken the ascendant masters and angelic realm to help guide and assist with guidance and receive information and to questions around life’s journey.  Consciously, when we release of emotions, trauma’s, blocks we can open our chakra or energy Centre’s to open and connect with our spiritual self.

We are consciousness, we are spirit first in a body and mind.  When we rest in a place of deep scared heart meditation, we become supernatural.

She embodies high energy frequencies of spiritual light and holds this light of loving presence to channel and gift to those in her presence.  Through angelic energy and energy of many ascendant masters, shamans and indigenous ancestors, and near-death experience into the world of consciousness she is able to create a deep connection leaving you with a loving feeling of purity, lightness and transformation embodiment.

Kerry Clancey walks the path of love and light and her devotion and service is the help others in their spiritual awakening journey. Feeling healing, clarity and place of peace! 

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