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Kerry’s Childrens’ Book

This book is a dedication to all children and their parents around the world. Inspired by Scarlet Fink who is a 5-year-old yogi and meditation student from Australia. It’s a feel-good story about spiritual connection, love, and meditation. Our feelings matter! When we are not feeling good inside there are ways to help us feel good. Love and peace can override unwanted feelings and bring joy. Learn how to build self – love, eradicate negative behaviors, and find golden gems for your spiritual treasure chest. Everyone should have a spiritual treasure chest. Our inner wisdom can be found when we meditate. Kerry and Scarlet share their love for life by feeling their inner child, dreaming, receiving, and trusting inner guidance. Using our imagination and heart can bring us into loving feelings of great joy. No negative feelings can live in a body full of love. This is a children’s book about emotional meaning and inner child. A little girl wants to share her love and light to her family, friends, and the world. Children are so connected to their inner spirit and have an inner knowing. We were all this once! ❤

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