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Kerry Clancey is a modern-day Spiritualist who incorporates holistic and spiritual practices to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Kerry is authentic and shares her near, story, near death experience and spiritual connection, as she travels the world.Read More»»»

Open Your Heart To Receive

It All Begins With Loving Yourself Within

Testimonials :

December , 2015 Sophieeeeee, UK

I met Kerry purely by chance, or by what I thought was chance, on a bus back from the Gilli Islands to Ubud, Bali. When sitting next to her my whole body felt alive and active. I felt butterflies in my stomach, my arms and legs had pins and needles in them,

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February, 2016 Id, Bali

I had a healing with Kerry as soon as she placed the crystals on my heart my heart started beating fast I felt so blissful and happy. My body was so relaxed and I felt I was with my divine . My third eye opened up and I felt my head being tilted and divine cosmic energy was being filtered..

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March 2016 Chloe , London

I had never had any spiritual healing practiced on myself so didn't know what to expect. However after Kerry completed a crystal healing session with me it is evident she was able to clear any chakra blockages and tap into negative emotions I was holding onto.

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July, 2016 Bastian, France

What a pleasure to be around your happy energy during these two weeks. Thanks for the time that you could take for the healing session this morning. I can see that it is important for you to spread your experience and love and it is admirable and remarkable.

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July , 2016 Jorge, Spain

Dear Kerry, Meeting you has been a great experience for me. I came to India looking for Ayurvedic knowledge and found...... an experience beyond my expectations. As I told you I am very mind focused person and meeting you has been a great gift for me:...

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July 2016, Blanca, Spain

The experience lived with Kerry was special, from the very first moment I felt a great relaxation, specifically in some areas. She was transmitting me something I cannot define. I had the feeling of floating in the air in the session. I have never felt this before. Thank you so much Kerry for this wonderful experience I have lived with you. ...

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